Free Public Coin Auction

Free Listings, Zero Final Value Fees, Only Dealers Can List Items, Auto Relists, Storefront for non-auction listings. 

Coin Auction

Members of the USCDU have the benefit of using This is a new auction site specifically designed to serve as an alternative marketplace for U.S. coin dealers. Only USCDU Members and Verified U.S. Coin Dealers are allowed to list items. We do not charge anything to our members, zero insertion fees and zero final value and selling fees. You will also be provided with your own storefront for static (non-auction) listings.

ExtraCoins is a public retail site with hundreds of registered users. We don't charge buyer/sale commisions or any sort of buyer fees. We own and maintain the site so we guarantee it's 100% Free!

With your USCDU membership you will receive an Unlimited Preferred Account on at no cost. That's a $395.00 value compared to non-members! Not only that but you will save thousands of dollars compared to eBay. Join today and experience the difference!

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