E-Commerce For Coin Dealers

Easy to use e-commerce cart for Coin Dealers. 

Coin Dealer E-Commerce

E-Commerce Cart for Coin Dealers? We have the software solution! Start selling online today.

Members of the USCDU are provided with an e-commerce solution that allows you to list any product within a minute (provided that you already have an image). Our platform is included with mebership and it's simple to use, it only requires a PayPal account.

The system does many things that other e-commerce platforms do not. First, and all important, it allows you to sell gold and silver bullion with updated real time pricing, just set your premium and wait for the sale. It also allows you to list "In Store Only" items. This is something that you simply can not do with other application. Our system also keeps track of inventory for you, so you never sell something online that you no longer have or already sold. You can also set a shipping price per product.

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Sell Bullion with Real Time Pricing
  • Supports Fractional Bullion Products
  • Super Fast Listings
  • Online and In Store Only Products
  • Order Notifications
  • Customer Notifications
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Live Cart Inventory and Price Adjusting
  • PayPal Integration

Using an e-commerce provider like Big Commerce, WooCart, X-cart, OpenCart and others just doesn't make sense. These types of applications are not designed to sell one of a kind items and certanly do not provide dynamic price updates for bullion. The time it takes and the knowledge that is required prevents these types of e-commerce stores from being a viable option for coin dealers. eBay is great if you have the time, don't mind the politics, cost or the ever-changing rules.

We have been struggling with e-commerce for over 15 years and needed a better way. The system we built is just that. It's fast, simple to use and understand and it works. No setup on your part is required, simply add your product and you're done.  
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