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Software and Services for Coin and Bullion Dealers.  More Time,  More Control,  Saves Money,  Prevents Staff Errors,  and More.

Dealer Software Features

Coin & Bullion Dealers

Our Advantages
  • Simple to use software, designed for Coin and Bullion Dealers built by actual Dealers.

  • All of our services are included with your subscription. No hidden fees, up-charges or tier pricing. 

  • More than a cce (coin exchange) or coin dealer network (cdn).  We build the tools and services you will use everyday.

Software Designed & Built For Coin & Bullion Dealers By Dealers
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We supply the tools that you'll use everyday!


E-Commerce Website
The system does many things that other e-commerce platforms do not. First, and all important, it allows you to sell gold and silver bullion with updated real time pricing, just set your premium and wait for the sale. It also allows you to list "In Store Only" items. This is something that you simply can not do with other applications.

• Sell Bullion with Real Time Pricing

• Sell Any Type of Coin

• Supports Fractional Bullion Products (Gold, Silver, Platinum)

• Super Fast Listings

• Online and In Store Only Products

• Unique Domain Name

• Order Notifications

• Vacation Mode

• Customer Notifications

• Saves hundreds of dollars a month over eBay

• MailChimp Integration

• Live Cart Inventory and Price Adjusting

• PayPal Integration

• Fee Free (No Listing Fees, No Final Value Fees, No Insertion Fees, No Percentages, No Buyer Fees)

• Get Paid Instantly (Directly Into Your Own Paypal Account)


Using an e-commerce provider like Big Commerce, WooCart, X-cart, OpenCart and others just doesn't make sense. These types of applications are not designed to sell one of a kind items and certainly do not provide dynamic price updates for bullion. The time, knowledge and staff required to run these types of e-commerce storefronts prevents them from being a viable option for coin dealers. eBay is great if you have the time, don't mind the politics, cost or the ever-changing rules.

Point Of Sale Display Screen
Display your own updated retail bullion prices in real time to customers and staff. We use live spot prices with your premiums to display your own retail prices that update with market changes. Add your premiums, quantity price breaks, credit column & fee, constitutional silver over melt price, round up prices, display in-stock icon. Your Screen can be diplayed on any device, even on your own website.

Text (SMS) & Email Customer Messaging
Send Stock, Specials, & Business Hours updates to your local customers.
Notifiy all of your customers with just one click.
Provided Branded (Your Company) Registration Form
Simple to Use and Understand
SMS & Email Notifications

Your Scrap Gold Price
Instantly show your customers what you're paying for scrap gold. Show your Buy Price not your buy percentage. This service increases customer trust and loyalty and increases your transaction percentage.


Gold Coin Actual Gold Weight (AGW)
Common U.S and Foreign gold coin library with pictures, weight and Actual Gold Weights.


Web Tools

Copy and paste code to place your Scrap Gold Buy Prices, Precious Metal Prices or Your Bullion Sell Prices directly on your own website.




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