Dynamic Retail Whiteboard

Your Own Premiums, Price Breaks, Optional Credit Charges, Dynamically Updated Every 2 minutes!


Our SpotPriceNow service can be considered a live dynamic whiteboard! It allows members to display their own updated retail bullion prices in real time to customers or staff. It uses live spot prices to adjust your own retail prices with market changes.

With SpotPriceNow you are able to use your own premiums and even include your own price breaks for several types of products. It can also optionally calculate and display your credit prices, if you charge more for using a credit card. You can customize SpotPriceNow to fit your needs and It updates in real time for all products, try it today!

This system can be used on any device. It can be displayed on a desktop computer, tablet, laptop, mobile device or even screen cast it to a TV on the wall. We have been using this service ourselves for more than 3 years and it has saved us valuable time and thousands of dollars!

Benefits of SpotPriceNow

No More Errors!
Quantity Price Breaks
Live Prices
Optional Credit Pricing
Update from Anywhere
Simple Set-Up (pre-filled with sample data)
Ability to Add Your Logo

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